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Hi! I’m Elle Bee! I write (mostly) middle-grade books that are appropriate for and loved by the whole family! Currently you can purchase them on Amazon HERESoon they will also be available on Joseph’s Grain Publishing’s website. JGP is an amazing 501(c)(3) certified non-profit publishing company that, oh yes, I’m very involved in. Did I intrigue you? Check them out HERE! 

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What’s in a website?

Indeed. There is much muchness in this website. Allow me to direct you to some of the most popular locations.

Book reviews (by Elle Bee, of course)!

Need help deciding your next great read? Like seeing what I have to say about certain books? Want to chat about a book I reviewed (in the comments)? Head over to the Other Good Books to Read section!

Short laughs (supplied by Elle Bee, of course)!

Have a couple minutes and want to laugh at a #ThingsKidsSay moment? Have nieces & nephews or your own children that crack you up? Head over to the My “Niblingisms” section to read about what my niblings (nieces & nephews) have been up to! Trust me. Funny.

Fiction. Lots of Fiction (written by Elle Bee, of course)!

Yes, this fiction writer has a fiction corner where she likes to get her fiction on. You can read some character interviews where fictional characters have been interviewed by fictitious Sally Mally HERE. You can Read a short introductory story to my famous Charlie stories HERE. And of course, you can read about what I’m currently working on HERE! Have fun!

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