11 Things to Know Before Starting a Blog! [Blogging 101]

11-things-to-know-imageA list on a blog about creating a blog by someone who made the blog. 🙂

1. An intriguing blog is professional as well as personal.

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I have discovered that in order to be heard professionally, one must be able to relate personally. Too much of either, and you’ll loose your reader’s attention.

I suppose I can understand readers wanting to know the blogger they are reading has faults too. Is just as human as them. Has made silly mistakes like accidentally throwing away her car title during an impulse cleaning spree – probably caused by writer’s block (yes, I did that!).

2. Blogging is neither as easy nor as hard as you think it will be!

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I speak truth! If you believe blogging is easy, you are in for a surprise! However, if you believe blogging will be incredibly hard, don’t worry, you’ll adjust! #YouGotThis!

3. Running a blog is (and should be) challenging!

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Challenging yourself is good. If you get comfortable with your blog, maybe it’s time to mix it up a bit. Add a new section, post slightly more often, spend more time finding the perfect images. Something to keep you interested and engaged in what you want your readers to be interested and engaged in!

4. Sustaining a blog requires balance!

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Having a small challenge but also some comfort. Balancing when and what you post – So that you are reliable yet not boring. Promoting your blog, but more often being sociable and promoting others who have quality products/information. You don’t want to be the guy/girl at the party who only talks about themselves! You want to be the helpful guy/girl. The knowledgeable one. The interesting one!

5. Just as you need curb appeal when selling a house – your blog needs landing appeal!

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A front page. A nice, informative, intriguing front page that states what your blog is and why they need to stay. A page that calls them to check out the inside – not go looking elsewhere.

6. Believe you have at least 10,000 readers!

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Why? Because good habits start now. When you feel sluggish about meeting your blogging deadline because “no one reads it anyway,” remind yourself that you have 10,000 people counting on you to publish that post on time. You better do it and it better be the bomb!

This perseverance is what grows your readership. This is what helps you get those 10,000 readers.

7. Clarity is essential in blog posts!

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Have you ever been around someone who talks and talks and talks and after two hours you still don’t know what their point is? Or been around someone who talks around and around in circles? Don’t be a blogging version of this!

When putting together a post, make sure your meaning is clear and easy to follow. There are numerous resources to help you with this – images, gifs, numbered lists, bullet points! Use them!

8. Knowing your audience goes a long way!

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If you’re writing for homeschooling moms, make your posts extra clear and succinct – because their mind will not have the patience to sift through filler in order to find what they need. This small step will make them feel understood and probably bring them back!

9. Your blog requires quality & quantity!

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Remember how I said to believe you have 10,000 readers? Holding yourself accountable to your (yes, imaginary) readers will help you produce the quality quantity that your blog needs! It will give readers a reason to return and more to look at when they’re visiting. 🙂

10. Don’t let them get away!

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You got them to your blog, excellent! Now secure their email address! If you don’t have an email list yet, start one today! Provide several incentives for joining and mention it in several places on your blog. For example, joining The Buzz (my list) provides you with a free download of the checklist Elle Bee’s 13 Boxes to Check Before Clicking Publish. Plus, my newsletters are a breeze to read through, amusing, and only go out once a month!

Join The Buzz and see what I mean! Oh, also! Joining the Buzz gets you one step closer to winning the Fall Mystery Bee Box! A Medium Flat-Rate box filled with fall themed goodies. Completely free and shipped straight to the winner!

11. A blog that has easy to share content will be more readily shared!

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Let’s embrace it – people like simple. Add some easy ways for them to share your content! You’ll be glad you did!

Sharing is caring!

Thanks for reading!

Elle Bee 🙂

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