Charlie and the Bee: Chapter 3

Charlie and the Bee

Chapter 3

“Hello! Miss Bee?” I had already circled the room once, and was now walking towards the door of the first room I had seen. “Hello!” I called again.

I opened the door and ,just as I was walking through the doorway, I heard what sounded like a lion roar. Frozen in place, I strained to figure out the direction it had come from. Then I heard it again. It reverberated through the entire room. Bouncing off the walls and shaking the light fixture.

Thankful that there was enough light to know the lion was not in the room, I stepped completely inside and closed myself in. That’s when I heard the light hisssss.

My eyes slowly eyed the room in search of the sound. I saw the same paintings from earlier. Leaf people, animals on a boat, ocean split in two with a snake beside it, people fighting. Wait.

My eyes flew back to the snake. Earlier I had seen a walking stick propped up beside the painting, not a snake. And this snake was no fake, it was very much alive.

It hissed again and began to slither forward. Lions, snakes, what’s next? I started slowly backing up towards the wall. How in the world would I get out of this one?

Bump. I was out of backup space, I had reached the end of the line, I was outa time, and I was in trouble. The snake continued forward. I saw the door I had come through behind the snake. Why had I closed myself in again? Oh right, the LION!

Something was poking my back. Against my better judgement to not turn my back on my enemy, I turned to see what it was. A door handle. The closet I had landed in. Beside the closet was another door. One I had not noticed before.
ESCAPE! My mind screamed. I was through the door without any more thought or valuable time lost.

“There you are, Charlie!” Exclaimed a familiar voice.

“Where did you go? You left me!” I threw my hands in the air in exasperation.

“I left you? you left me!” Was the retort. “You left me with Goliath! Don’t blame me for not being able to follow you.”

“Whose Goliath?” I asked.

STOMP. STOMP. STOMP. I heard from somewhere.

“I think you’re about to find out.” Replied Miss Bee.

I looked around to see where I was now. It was a hallway leading to a large staircase. The only way to go was down.

“Can you just take me home?” I asked.

“Not until we’re done here. It’s time for introductions.” After that, the bee began to fly down the stairs.

I heard more stomps…..They were coming from the room at the bottom of the stairs, where Miss Bee was heading.

I had to follow her in order to get home. I started down the stairs. When I was halfway down, I looked over the edge. What I saw made my knees start quaking. A huge hairy man was holding a club and pacing back and forth. Stomp, stomp, stomp.

He was the biggest man I had ever seen and he was wearing very odd clothes. He reminded me of Tarzan. He had something like a skirt around his waist and no shirt. Black hair covered his chest, legs, face, and head. His hands were huge with thick fingers. His nose must have been the size of my head and his nostrils flared like a horse.
He was very familiar and it took almost no time for me to place him. When he raised his club above his head, it clicked, he was the giant statue come to life.

The stomping stopped and two huge brown eyes came in contact with mine. A thin, unnerving, smile spread across Goliath’s face. I didn’t know what was scarier, the man or the smile, he didn’t give me much time to decide. The smile faded into something scarier and he slammed his club down onto the bottom stair.

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