Charlie and the Bee: Chapter 4

Charlie and the Bee

Chapter 4

Bottom stair? What bottom stair? All that’s left is smithereens!

The club came down again. Goodbye second stair!

“Miss Bee, what do I do?!” I yelled. Goliath looked like he was going to pound me.

“That’s up to you.” Miss Bee buzzed.

So helpful….

Just then the stairs shook again and I tumbled down them. My lungs let out an embarrassing girlie scream as I landed inches from Goliath’s club.

Goliath laughed, the sound was not pleasant one bit! I screamed again, scrambled to my feet and booked it away from the laughing giant.

STOMP. STOMP. STOMP. Came the sound of Goliath following me. There was nowhere for me to run to! I was trapped.

I continued to search the walls for a door, but to no avail. There had to be something…..
There was nothing. The only way out was up the stairs. Goliath laughingly followed me as I scrambled around. I felt like we were playing cat and mouse…and I was the mouse.

I made it to the stairs and continued my scramble in the upward direction.

“HAHAHA. Not so fast.” With that, Goliath grabbed me and dropped me back at the bottom. How was I ever going to get out of this?

“Ahem.” I heard someone say. Surprise and hope filled my body. Someone was here to save me!
I looked up the stairs and disappointment replaced my hope. It was a boy. Not incredibly bigger than myself. He was going to end up in the same situation as me.

“Goliath!” The boy called.

Goliath looked at the boy. “Another mouse!” The giant called.

“No. Goliath. I’ve come to put you in your place!” The boy’s bravery made him appear taller, but still, what could he do?

I took this opportunity to scoot further from the giant, just to be safe.

“HAHAHA” Goliath laughed. “You are but a small boy!”

“Yes, but I have the power of the Lord behind me. Do you not remember our last encounter?”

“We have never met, of that I’m sure.” Goliath barked.

“That is where you are wrong.” With those words, the boy began to swing his sling around and around. And then came the rock. Goliath was laughing when the rock collided with his forehead. I expected him to brush it off and kill us both. However, his laughing immediately stopped. Not just that, but he began to turn to stone.

My mouth dropped open in disbelief.

The boy came down the stairs to me and extended his hand to help me to my feet.

“How did you DO that?” I asked.

“With the help of the Lord. Call me David.”

The boys skin was darker than mine, and I hadn’t a clue what he was talking about but I answered with a nod of my head and managed to get out the words, “Thanks, David.”

“Wonderful! Now, it’s time we really must be going.” I heard Miss Bee say. She buzzed down and landed on my shoulder.

Before I responded to her words, she stung me again! Again, the room began to spin, and the ground fell from my feet. I groaned as everything spun around me. Did she really have to sting me? Or was it just for dramatic effect?

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