Charlie and the Bee: The Final Chapter

Charlie and the Bee

Chapter 5

PLOP! I landed in the boys bathroom at school.Luckily, no one was in the bathroom to see me magically appear out of thin air and crash to the floor. Unfortunately, I was afraid I would have a bruise on my rear end.

I got to my feet and glanced in the mirror. I had some debris in my hair from the stairs being pounded and two bee stings were already fading from my neck. I brought my hand up to touch them. They were still tender to the touch. I wonder how long THAT’LL last….

Before more thoughts entered my head the bell rang. That snapped me back to reality! I ran out of the bathroom to check the hallway clock. I feared Miss Bee had kept me away the rest of the school day. Principal Hal would surely give me detention if I missed my classes. And then my parents would ground me…

When I read the clock I realized I hadn’t been gone very long at all, according to the clock, lunch was just now ending. I breathed a sigh of relief as students starting filling the hall to go to class.

I heard Billy the Bully’s loud laughter by the door. I was in no mood to deal with him today. Although, he did seem like an extremely small bully after dealing with Goliath. I laughed at my thought and hurried to class before he could see me.

I was momentarily thankful I was so much smaller than my classmates as I maneuvered through the crowd and easily slid into my classroom. Surprisingly, I was the first one to class.
My teacher was sitting at her desk grading papers.

“Hello, Charlie.” She said when I entered.

“Hi.” I responded as I went to my desk in the back corner and rummaged through my backpack for a book to read. Or, at least, to pretend to read as I thought through today’s events. I was baffled to say the least. If my neck hadn’t been sore, I would have told myself I’d imagined it. Gone crazy. Or something! Everything I had gone through and seen had been impossible…Right?

A soft breeze played with the pages of my book, startling me. I looked up and realized the window was slightly cracked. Then I noticed Miss Bee flying over to me. Now what?

She landed on my book and looked up into my eyes. “Good job today, Charlie. See you next Tuesday.” She whispered. Then she flew away.

I did the only thing I could think of, I gulped.



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