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Listed below are the questions asked in this afternoon’s Q&A and Charlie’s responses. Scroll down to Learn more about Charlie Jenkins!

Have any other insects or animals ever spoken to you? – Asked by Nicole

Nicole, I have never heard any other insects or animals speak. I suppose, I should tell you this is a “good quesstion,” however, the mere thought that people will start thinking of me as an “animal whisperer” makes my stomach turn. The last thing I want is my own TV show. I can see it now, “Charlie the Bee Whisperer.” Ick! No thank you! Next question please.

Does knowing a talking bumblebee make you more considerate of other insects? – Nicole

Nicole, this brings up an embarrassing story. After Miss Bee first talked to me, I was cautious of everything! One day I found a spider in my bedroom, a big nasty one. Normally, I would have killed the creepy thing without batting an eye. Not this time though. I grabbed my shoe, raised it in a “prepared to smash” way, and said something along the lines of, “speak now or forever hold your peace.” The spider didn’t say anything, so I smashed it. After those first few days I pretty much learned there is only one Miss Bee, and all other creepy crawlies are free game.

Do you let all insects sting you now, hoping that they will teach you as well? -Ian

Ian, ha ha ha. Very funny. No, I don’t. I kill them mercilessly. And then I laugh. Evily. Okay, okay. I still wait three seconds before I smash them, to see if they talk…But can you blame me?

What’s the strangest thing about having a bee as a teacher? – Nicole

Nicole, where do I even begin? At the moment I’d have to say its the loneliness. I can’t tell anyone about my adventures. And some of my adventures open my eyes to things my parents don’t even know exist. Its hard to go on with my daily routine and pretend nothing has happened. Pretend I don’t know what the world is really like, because there is no place I would have learned. In our culture, even adults are sheltered from the truth of the outside world. Well, they are either sheltered or don’t care to look.

Do you like videogames? – Kyalie

Kyalie, no I don’t like videogames. I like reading and learning, and if I spend too long looking at screens my head starts to hurt.

Do you enjoy your field trips? Joshua

Joshua, I have grown to enjoy my trips with Miss Bee. At first I disliked them very much, I didn’t trust Miss Bee…or I didn’t trust my head… I’m not sure which. But anyway, I didn’t like the strangeness of the whole thing. However, over the months I have grown very fond of my teacher and have no idea how I would have survived the school year without her.

What’s your favorite color? -Kyalie

Kyalie, For my favorite color I would have to say green. The color of grass.

Do you have older siblings? Kyalie

Kyalie, I don’t have any siblings. I am an only child. I have never desired any brothers or sisters. I’m pretty sure older siblings would bully me. The idea of a younger brother or sister was tantalizing at first, but the thought of my mom with a baby is more for humor than anything else. My mom is too busy. She stopped working for a little while when she had me, but vowed never to do that again. She says babies are too stressful.

Do you ever get to choose your trips? -Ian

Ian, unfortunately, I don’t. Sometimes I don’t know where we’re going till we get there. I keep hoping though, maybe one day I can convince Miss Bee to take me to the White House… There are some things I’d like to discuss with our president.

Can you drink coffee? -Kyalie

Kyalie, I doubt my parents would notice if I chose to start drinking it. But I was told it stunts your growth. If that’s true, I plan to stay as far away from coffee as physically possible. I’m vertically challenged as it is.

Are the lessons you learn relevant to your situation or just general? -Ian

Ian, I’d have to say both. When we start the lesson always seems general, but somehow, Miss Bee always manages to find a way to tie it in with what I am learning or struggling with.

Do you know God? -Kyalie

Kyalie, I know who he is and some of what he’s done. But if you are wanting to know if I’m a Christian, the answer is no. For more information on this question you should read The Evidence.

Does Miss Bee choose where you go? Or is it random? – Ian

Ian, Miss Bee says she has a boss who tells her where to take me. I asked once if her boss was a wasp or something and was answered with a negative answer. So I am at a loss as to who really holds the “Boss” title.

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