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After months of “hermitness”, I’m emerging from behind my computer screen to announce what I’ve been up to! I’m proud to say this time has not been wasted. I’m emerging before you today, victorious!

I have the start of a new series to present to you. The series is titled, Missions with Miss Bee. This series takes what I saw and experienced last summer, flips it, turns it just a little, and presents it to you as a children’s series.

Where was I last summer? In Thailand, on a trip I’ll never forget. I saw God work in ways I never expected, heard Him clearer than I ever have, and saw the work of His hands and love of His heart painted before my eyes.

This trip was so amazing, that after returning, I dove into my computer. I typed and typed, describing everything I could. I wrote about the people I met, the sights I saw, the smells, the feelings. EVERYTHING. I was more than halfway done when God put a stop to my writing. Yes, God. Suddenly I couldn’t write. Everything felt wrong. I argued with God. I knew He had sent me on this trip just as much as I knew He wanted me to share what He showed me. So why would He not let me share?

Then a series came to my head, Missions with Miss Bee. A series about my mission trips written for children. Then, a main character came, Charlie. Finally conceding, I trashed everything I had written and started fresh. Countless hours dumped in the garbage. But, believe me when I say, “It was worth it.”

This has not been an easy adventure. I saw things in Thailand that are not meant for the eyes of children. So, how to write it? This book is the product of much prayer and start-overs. God has been my guide as I lived and relived this story. This trip itself made me cry, but going through it again, looking through the pictures again, praying what stories to include, continued to bring forth emotions I thought I had buried.

Before I give you the real deal, I have something special, a short story introducing Charlie Jenkins and describing the first time he meets Miss Bee. This story is made up of five chapters. I’ll post one chapter a week, so grab your kiddos and follow Charlie’s story!Charlie and the Bee Cover

Charlie and the Bee posting schedule:

Monday March 12th: Chapter 1

Monday March 19th: Chapter 2

Monday March 26th: Chapter 3

Monday April 2nd: Chapter 4

Monday April 9th: Chapter 5

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