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The Fancy Elle’s Bio!

World traveler and follower of Jesus Christ, Elle Bee has taken hard truths of this world and Christianity and turned them into stories for families to read and discuss together. Her SAFE series focuses on true stories of Christians faced with persecution for their faith. Whereas, her Missions with Miss Bee series takes a fictional, normal, child and introduces him to Christianity in a way never seen before.

Elle Bee is currently working on a new middle-grade project and keeping up with five rambunctious niblings.

The Less Fancy and Equally True Elle’s Bio!

Hi! I’m a coffee-drinking, Doctor-Who-loving, pie-craving, crazy-Christian, 25-year-old, aunt who spends more time with my five year old dog (Ferdinand Magellan) and my plethora of niblings (nieces and nephews) than I do with adults. Once I leave my house I become that incredibly awkward person who likes to hide in corners and pretend there’s something amazingly interesting on my phone or in a magazine or…anything that doesn’t involve engaging in awkward conversations about the weather. Thankfully, God granted me a love for books which allows me to spend more time in the safety of my house, behind a computer, than out in the big world – which is awesome- in small portions.

I took an extended trip to Thailand a few years ago and absolutely loved it. I can’t describe what I encountered in a few words, so if you want to know more about what I saw and who I met, check out my middle-grade novel The EvidenceIt’s a fictionalized version of my trip. No, I did not get stung by a bee, I took a plane – well, 2 planes – but yes, I did meet refugees from Vietnam, and help rescue a child from slavery and so much more. Plus, this is the kid-friendly version and appropriate for the whole family!

You can also check out my Amazon author page HERE. Find me on Facebook HERE. Follow me on Twitter HERE. And Email me HERE. I look forward to connecting with you!

Oh, and here’s the less fancy bio photo!

20160719_192859000_iOSJust kidding! That’s not me. It may be how I feel in the morning though… Anyway… Here we go!

Selfie Time with Pepper!
Selfie Time with Pepper!

Thanks for reading!

Elle Bee 🙂 

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