Eric Swanson is in Vietnam! And Graced Us With A Taste of His Experience…So Far!!

English Club ESEric shares:

“There are some University students who want to start an English Club. Just meet with them and see what they want,” I was told.

I didn’t realize I would be the only one leading the meeting. Once I arrived, I was alone with eight University students. The problem? Their limited English and how, somehow, I needed to organize something with students who may or may not understand me. Fortunately, two of the students understood enough English to help me figure out the group’s needs. One even mentioned she was a follower of the Son and wanted her friends to follow the One who sets us free from death.

I mention this story to point out how, through the use of English Clubs, relationships have been easy to come by in Vietnam. I have been in Vietnam for about three weeks and have already seen the great advantage of English Clubs! For instance, last week two students who attended a different English Club were asking questions of great significance when it comes to eternal matters.

And shares some more!

On a different topic, I was struggling with whether I should continue with an international fellowship. I felt it was mostly Americans and thus the feel was more like an American fellowship. I had to ask myself if I would invite new Vietnamese believers to such a place. The answer? “No.” Later, I learned about a different fellowship started by Vietnamese believers. Here, everything is in Vietnamese, but it is a place that I can experience fellowship and can invite new believers, nonbelievers even!

I’m grateful that I have been able to experience fellowship in Vietnam. But I have a burden for those who aren’t in fellowship. Aren’t able to experience the joy of knowing the Son and be with other believers. Right now, the best avenue for potential relationships has been at the English club. I pray friendships will develop and others will be drawn toward the love of the Son.

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