I could feel it on my face, on my neck. The warm breath encircled me and left me feeling comfortable, filled with contentment. Convinced nothing could go wrong.

My hand tightened. It was soft in my grip and seemed to pulse with power. My mouth watered.

The hot breath enveloped me again as it hissed one word. “Yes.”

“Yes.” I responded softly and brought the fruit to my lips.


The sound of crunching leaves tickled my ears. I opened my eyes  and saw the creature circling the tree. The creature was ugly, naked and pathetic. It lacked glory, knowledge, power. It was a disgrace.

I loudly exhaled. I had watched these creatures from afar, but had not yet spoken to them. Were they as daft as I perceived? Was there, possibly, one redeeming quality? Or were they mere pets, a passing fancy?

I lifted my head up off the comfortable grass and began to unravel, stretching out my body. The sunlight hit my scales and cast sparkles on the tree the creature was admiring.

“Oh!” It exclaimed, as it turned to see what had caused the dancing light. “Hello.”

It’s speaking to me. I felt disgust, never before had a creature so low addressed me.

I flicked my tongue in greeting and began to slither closer to it. Its lips spread across its face in a disgusting manner. “You’re the Serpent. Aren’t you?” It asked.

“Yes.” I said looking down at the thing. I felt pride as it took in my sight in wonder. My bright scales, which looked purple and blue in the sunlight, my yellow eyes, my long body. I was much larger than it. I could squash it easily. But no, I’d squash it in a different way, a way that took it away from its creator forever.

“You’re beautiful. Magnificent.” The creature stated, still staring at my scales and the sparkles they cast around me. I looked at the creature’s small eyes, its hair, its strange lips stretched across its face. There was nothing redeeming about it. It was grotesque. The worst of all, was what I saw in its eyes, innocence. Disgusting!

“I’m glad you noticed.” I responded. “What are you doing over here?” I asked as I wrapped my tail around the trunk of the large tree filled with red fruit and green leaves.

“I was just looking.” The creature averted its eyes from the fruit.

“My dear, you must be hungry.” I plucked a juicy morsel from a low branch with the tip of my tail. “Have some.”  I tossed the treat. The creature caught it with both hands and looked longingly at it.

“I can’t.” It said sadly.

“Come now, were you told you can’t eat from ANY of these trees?” I exhaled. Smothering it in my breath, my warm, intoxicating, poison.

“Of course not! Just not this one.” The creature had begun rolling the fruit between its palms.

“Really?” I huffed. “My dear, this fruit is special.”

“It is?”

“Most definitely. The fruit lets you be like the one who made you. Powerful. That’s why he doesn’t want you eating it!”


I could tell, by the creature’s face, I was destroying it’s world. I loved it!

“I don’t understand…. Here, take this back.” It held the fruit out to me.

“I don’t want that, little creature, I’m already powerful. It is for you.”


“Yesssss.” I hissed.

“And, My father tricked me?”

“Yessss.” I hissed again.

“And I’ll be like him?”

“Yesssss.” I hissed one last time.

“Yes.” It said as it put the fruit to its ugly red lips and separated itself from its maker for eternity.

It was mine now. My pet. To do with and torture as I pleased. Forever.

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