If a Mom Puts a Dog Out…

If a mom puts a dog on the tie out,
she’ll see the rug got left out.
She’ll go shake it out.
Shaking the rug will cause her allergies to start.
She’ll head inside for a napkin.
Grabbing the paper towel role, she’ll use the last one.
She’ll remember she needs to make a grocery list.
Making a grocery list will remind her,
she needs to make a menu for the week.
She’ll look for her notebook to write down ideas.
Her notebook is being scribbled in by her two year old.
Seeing her two year old will remind her,
it’s time for lunch.
She will open the fridge and be greeted by a strange smell.
She will start taking out old items.
The dog will start barking, causing her to leave the fridge slightly ajar.
When she brings in the dog, She’ll find her two year old…getting into the fridge.
After she saves the two year old and throws away all the old food,
the trash will be full.
While taking out the trash, she’ll see the rug.
And chances are…
If she starts to shake the rug,
She will need a napkin afterwords.

*Inspired by this morning’s events

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