Thankful for my Mistakes and Imperfections

Thankful for my mistakes blog My mistakes are numerous. Off the top of my head, I…

  • fell back asleep after turning off my alarm
  • mis-budgeted
  • forgot I agreed to do something
  • dropped my phone
  • lost my temper

These are all recent mistakes I cringe to admit. I want to hide them… or at least move on super quick without thinking about them. Yet, I’m posting them on my blog? Crazy, right? Maybe not so much…

God has been working on my heart. Helping me see a different perspective of mistakes and imperfections. Forcing me to face them and confront my desire for perfection. Even though these are hard tasks the Lord has put before me, I’m finding something very special as I walk through them. Thankfulness.

I don’t think the desire for perfection is only my struggle, it might be yours too. If so, this post is for you.

Take a moment to think past the illusion that mistakes are unacceptable. Why are they so bad?

What Happens When we Make a Mistake?

God steps in. God is given the opportunity to show us he loves us. And his love isn’t for the perfect image we project to the world (maybe even ourselves), it is for the real us. All of us. Even the parts we hide.

Stopping to look at where I fall short, where I fell short today, is not easy. However, the idea that God is right behind me, waiting to show me patience, excited to dote his love on me is overwhelming. Suddenly, I want to backtrack, look at where I messed up… look for God.

Amazingly, I’m thinking about what a blessing it is to be imperfect. Imperfection gives us the opportunity to continually be reminded that God is here for us. Walking with us. Taking advantage of every opportunity to remind us just which version of us He undeniably, unquestionably, unbelievably, loves. The imperfect and unique version He created.

I can see why our enemy would want us to believe mistakes are terrible, that they make us terrible, and that nothing short of perfection is good enough. It keeps us down, separated from God.

A Wacky Thought

I’m considering journaling about the mistakes I make and how God meets me in those moments. Choosing to focus on the goodness of God instead of how I fail him or those around me could be life changing. Already I’ve got five. That time I…

  • fell back asleep after turning off my alarm, I surprisingly woke up a few moments later
  • mis-budgeted, the issue was removed by someone who didn’t know my financial details
  • forgot I agreed to do something, I was reminded before it was too late
  • I dropped my phone, it didn’t break (phew)
  • I lost my temper, I was shown love in return

It could seem like coincidence, like luck, like kindness – Or it could be that I serve an amazing God who cares about the little things. A personal God who knows I’m overwhelmed in this season and is meeting me where I fall short.

Food for Thought

God has blessed me so much. He has placed me around people who also love him, who are willing to see my shortcomings as a way to show God’s love. Who will put their rights and desires aside and extend God’s patience and love to me. The very least I can do is start seeing other’s mistakes as that same opportunity. The chance to extend what I have been so readily given. Grace.

Want to join me?

Bee the difference!


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