My “Niblingisms” #2

When children enter a store each object seems have its own gravitational force which pulls in every child’s hand, foot, and sometimes tongue. Unfortunately, even though my niblings are amazing, they are not immune to this new kind of gravity. For a reason unknown to us, once we get to the shelves all the little hands begin to rise and gravitate towards the shiny, the breakable, the noisy, the small, the large, the dull….well everything.

Yesterday, we embarked on the journey of entering not oneNiblingism logo 2, but two stores. We frequently attempt to solve the gravity issue by simple instructions of  “don’t touch” as well as more complex instructions of “Abi, I said don’t touch!” when we look down and see the four year old kicking the watermelons. Lately I have added “keep your hands and feet to yourself,” due to the new emergence of Nathan, the two year old, learning he can add things to the cart from where he sits, as well as kick any siblings who come too close.

Thankfully, my niblings really aren’t that bad, and can be quite amusing to take shopping. When we were in Target yesterday, admiring new towels and rugs for our remodeled bathroom, my sister pulled out a rug and laid it out on the floor, for us to get the full effect of what it looks like. As quick as a cat, Kyalie (eleven years old) threw herself down and started rolling on the rug. I got the impression she liked it.

When she sat up on her knees something about her backside resembled a plumber. My sister kindly informed her of the sad fact that “crack kills”. Kyalie, not hearing clearly, put a confused look on her face and asked, “…what? Clad kills?”

Her mother and myself simultaneously corrected “crack!”

A look of horror crossed Kyalie’s face as both hands raced back to hide the plumber mark of authenticity. Something tells me she won’t be throwing herself down to roll an a rug anytime soon. Well, at least not in Target.

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