“Niblingism” #1

Niblingism LogoLife in my household is normally calm and peaceful. Its as if classical music is playing as each of the four children cleans their room, prepares for their day, eats breakfast, and does their chores and school work….

NOT! Rewind. That is the way I sometimes wish my household would be. However, when living with four young homeschooled children, life is rarely “calm and peaceful”. Instead you have your sister carrying on four to five conversations at a time, teaching rocket science, cooking a gourmet dinner, calling out countries in french and doing Baby Signing time with Nathan, the two year old….

Well, I suppose I exaggerated a tad. My life is somewhere in the middle of the above polar opposites. The eleven year old (Kyalie) is not quite to rocket science yet and I am yet to hear my sister call out countries in french. It gets very hectic and sometimes, it does indeed sound like different languages are being spoken….mostly the hardest language to understand, gibberish (the whiny dialect). However, it never fails, when things finally get quiet, the kids have the funniest things to say.

Not long ago we had a family friend stay at our house. During this time, he was intent on teaching the two boys,6 and 2, (who aren’t very “manly”) to be MEN. To like MANLY colors and movies and do MANLY things. For awhile, some of the MANLY things stuck. My brother-in-law liked the idea of his boys acting like MEN and fully encouraged MANLY actions.

Time marched on, and one night after everyone was seated on couches and enjoying the evening, Nathan came in the room with a toy container hanging on his arm. Proudly and loudly he announced, “It’s my purse!” Oh, but he didn’t stop there, he marched right up to his daddy with a huge grin. “It’s my purse daddy!”

Yes, the room was silent, and everyone was now watching to see what would happen next. What followed was a very serious conversation about the difference between “purses” and “man bags” Eventually, Nathan accepted he was wrong, he was indeed sporting a trendy man bag, not a purse.

Unfortunately for my brother-in-law, two days later Nathan had his purse again. He was even modeling it down the hall. Again, the serious conversation was had. Again Nathan agreed it was a man bag. But as he walked back down the hall, four very distinct words were whispered under his breath…

“But it’s a purse…”

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  • You never cease amaze me how true and accurate you are when it comes to children. Can’t wait to see your awesome spin on our crazy life.

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