“Niblingism” #3

Niblingism LogoWhile my sister is cooking dinner she normally has a congregation of children around her. Some asking “what’s for dinner?” Others asking “….THAT’S for dinner?” And usually, at least one of her children is wanting to help.

This evening, Joshua (six years old) was standing in the kitchen with his fingertips inching closer and closer to the cheese. He wasn’t so much wanting to help as he was just wanting to talk and be as close to food as possible.

His questions started out food related:

“What’s for dinner?”

“What’s for dinner tomorrow?”

“What are those?”

Somehow, I haven’t the slightest idea how, he moved onto superheros. In particular, the Hulk. The conversation proceeded as follows:



“Do you want to see Hulk Planet?”

“I have never heard of Hulk Planet.”

“It has the Hulk.”




“How many Hulks are there?”

“There is only one Incredible Hulk.”

Then, without loosing a beat, Joshua inquired, “The other ones aren’t incredible?”



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