Review: A Blackguard’s Redemption

A Blackguard's Redemption
A Blackguard’s Redemption by Ta`Mara Hanscom

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This book is hard to swallow and it may very well put your morals and biblical beliefs to the test.There! I gave it to you up front. However, stick with me through this whole review before making any decisions about A Blackguard’s Redemption. Don’t forget, I rated this book 5 stars…and I don’t hand those stars out freely.

While reading some parts, I cringed and wanted to change the words on the page to say something else. Change someone’s masterpiece? By golly how rude! This goes to show how much I had invested myself into the story. It was no longer just effecting my emotions while I read, but my attitude as well! Several times I looked up with a scowl and sought out someone to unleash the monstrosities I had just read upon. I even interrupted whatever show was entertaining my family in the evening! A bigger deal than it sounds.

Now that I’ve gotten that out of the way, go buy this series of books! This book especially is dripping with goodies that make you think. Yes, it tests you. But who doesn’t like using their noggin? Yes, it’ll make you growl and frustrate you at points. But it wouldn’t if it wasn’t so well written! This book doesn’t just make you think, it makes you think GOD. It gives you a wonderfully written story, holds your attention, and leads you to think about God…Without explicitly saying, “It’s time to think about God now.” Instead, it entangles Him in the story and as you read, your mind notices similarities, or your mind shouts, “I disagree!”

Hmm…But why do you disagree? That’s food for thought…


Let’s look at the biblical goodies. SPOILERS below this point.

Alex fell victim to pride. Pride which corroded his brain and made him think he was untouchable. This instantly reminded me of King Uzziah. Who had the same fatal flaw (pride) and ended up cursed with leprosy after a wonderfully prosperous reign. One might say he was the Harvard graduate, never lost a case, Alex Martin of the Bible. Alex’s part in A Blackguard’s redemption also helps you see that no matter how far you fall, God will always welcome you home. If you disagree with this last statement, do you remember king Manasseh?

Along with pride, we see a display of battles between the flesh and spirit. Tillie and Noah are reunited. Even though it has been many years since their last encounter, they both remember it as if it was yesterday. Both of them fight desperately to do the right thing. But with a husband like Tillie’s, it is most certainly not easy for her to keep her head on straight. Especially when Noah is using every chance he can to see her and try to talk to her.

This is where the power of prayer comes in. Do you really think Noah and Tillie could have maintained such self control had the prayer been absent? No! We have seen with Alex that you walk a dreadfully dangerous path when you shut God in a closet. We see prayer used throughout this book by several people. Had it not been, Noah and Tillie could have taken quite a different path.

Another goodie:The events of this book strained the Christian family. It shows very clearly that, even as Christians, we are not perfect. We fail and become victim to the flesh. Giuseppe and Rosa only wanted what was best for their daughter. However, when it came down to it, they were blinded by their love and told her to do something unbiblical.

Tillie chose her marriage, as broken and crumbled as it was. She followed God with this incredibly hard step. It was hard to read this part, but at the same time I was thrilled. She made the righteous choice. Now there’s a fictional character worth her salt!

We also see Noah’s love for Tillie brought further into the light after her accident. This was no worldly love, and no fairy tale love either! His loving kindness, his hesed* (See Below), was God given to care for Tillie. How encouraging to read a story where God is so active behind the scenes.

This book, as said up front, is hard to swallow, but it has so much substance, so many roots! Although you may not see it at first, God is very active behind the scenes of this book. Just like in our own lives!

It’s so wonderful to be able to get lost in an interesting, fictional, story, where I don’t have to worry about stumbling upon adult content I’d rather avoid. A story that leads my brain to think good thoughts. To ponder the bible and my views on it.

If you have read this book, what parts of it stood out to you?


*Hessed: Lovingkindness, the idea of faithful love in action, God’s hesed His denotes persistent and unconditional tenderness, kindness, and mercy, a relationship in which He seeks after man with love and mercy…Read More

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