Review: Pit of Ambition, Book II in The Caselli Family Series

Pit of Ambition, Book II in The Caselli Family Series
Pit of Ambition, Book II in The Caselli Family Series by Ta`Mara Hanscom

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Just as we love detail in paintings, I LOVE detailed books. Characters that are painted before my eyes and then brought to life are what enraptures me in the tale and makes me look forward to picking the book up again, or, on the other hand, dread putting it down! Pit of Ambition, book two of The Caselli Family series, continues the work of book one with giving the characters a full life, full background, and full personality.

I love the detail the author puts into these books. For some reason, the way she writes gives her characters substance. It’s as if she gives you a pair of 3D glasses to wear while you read.

If you have already read book one, which I insist upon, grab the tissues, a cup of coffee, and snuggle in to your favorite chair to read this book. The author has a lot to tell you, and in my mind, not enough pages! She has a lot to throw your way…It’s almost like riding a roller coaster. You’ll find yourself laughing and then crying not long after…and then, before you know it, the book is over and it’s time to get back to your everyday life.

Unfortunately, you are left with hands aching to get on the next one….to just open it. Just read the first chapter….

All in all, Pit of Ambition is a great follow up to The Pretender: A Blackguard in Disguise.

Below this point are SPOILERS and a little food for thought

Pit of Ambition not only continues the stories of Tillie and Noah, but also reveals the extent of Giuseppe’s sorrow at his mistake in book one, as well as bringing out more of the subplot with Tara and Marquette.

All of this seems to be building up to one thing, book three. After what happened in book two, it is time for the secrets to come out, and a certain reunion to take place. Two questions remain: How will Tillie respond when it all comes out? And what will become of her and Alex?

Here’s some food for thought. Think about the two marriages. In one, the wife, who was once covered in sin, flourishes under her husband. In the other, the wife, who was righteous to begin with, fights lonesomeness and distress. How can we compare the two different husbands to Jesus and the world?

Just as Jesus chose us and pulled us out of sin. Noah chooses Carrie, pulls her out of her sin, gives her a home, and showers her with love and everything she needs. On the other hand, when we choose the world, even if we start out righteous, we find ourselves struggling in a place we weren’t meant to be in….

Call to action: Read these books for yourself and tell me what YOU think in the comments below! Do you agree or have your own thoughts?

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