Review: The Gift: The Story of Annie Laurie

The Gift: The Story of Annie Laurie
The Gift: The Story of Annie Laurie by Ta`Mara Hanscom

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Tamara Hanscom is at it again with her in depth characters, beautiful surround sound scenery, and intriguing stories that satisfy your need for great fiction. Not only will you be satisfied with what you are reading, if you are like me, you will be ecstatic that it’s written to glorify God. You will be able to thoroughly enjoy your book without having to dip into “worldly (and not appropriate) fiction” to find something entertaining.

The Caselli Family Series is not of the “fast food” genre, where you get a quick read that leaves you hungry and wanting more. No, this series is more of the “gourmet” variety. It fills you up and sustains you, not only immediately, but for days as you process the story itself as well as how it relates to real life.

The Gift was my favorite of the four books I have read. I was thrilled with how much humor I found inside. No longer did I just read a few lines out loud to whoever was in the room. Instead, I would thrust the book in front of them and assign them whole passages of reading!


Below this point are SPOILERS
“The Gift” is a great example in regards to God’s answers to our prayers and the desires of our hearts. Sometimes we think His answer is “no” when, honestly, He just said “wait.” We must remember that everything happens in God’s timing, not ours. And when we wait on him, the blessings that follow overflow our deepest desires.
Also, nothing you do can ruin God’s plan for you. You will never hear Him say, “Well, now you’ve really messed it all up! There’s no way I can bless you now.” In this book we see a great example. Giuseppe thought he had ruined his daughter’s life. Did he really? God knew the way it would play out. He blessed Tillie and Alex with wonderful twins and then allowed her womb to close until the right time. He stayed by her and encouraged her until that time. Through their marriage, Alex was saved before his death. And then, when it was time, God gave Tillie a new, larger family, with everything she ever wanted.
We see in “The Gift”, that even though Noah felt foolish after building a mansion for the disappearing Angel, years later they needed it. And it was just right!

I must say, watching these characters grow has been very touching. The author did a great job at bringing them to life. None of them are perfect and they all have their individual quarks that you wouldn’t see while watching a movie. Well, not nearly as well as in the books.
I have said that Tillie is a character worth her salt, and I meant every word. But even though she did the right thing, she still struggled, a human struggle. She took Alex back and tried to forgive him, but it was harder than anticipated. She feared he would up and leave again.

We all face times where we do the right thing, but are still fighting, fearing. After Alex’s death, when Tillie finally gave Alex the forgiveness she was never able to completely give, something about her changed. It was noticeable to everyone and it was beautiful.

We serve a glorious God! I’m quite aware this story is fictional, but the truth inside is lovely. God has blessed this author with a story to tell. A story for the hurt, sick, lonely, lost, and everyone else. Please spread the word about these books, that they may be a light in the world of entertainment.

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