Review: The Pretender: A Blackguard in Disguise

The Pretender: A Blackguard in Disguise by Tamara Hanscom

My rating: 4 0f 5 Stars

If you want a book that will keep you in it’s grip for hours, read this one.
If you are looking for a new Christian series to read, start here.
If you normally invest your emotions in what you read. Grab a box of tissues.

When I first started this book, I admit, I was a bit skeptical. I wasn’t quite sure what I was getting into. However, my skepticism quickly faded as I read about Tillie, Ginger, Noah, and Joshua. Almost immediately, I was enraptured and wanting Tillie and Noah to live happily ever after.

I was sure, in chapter 3, that I had the whole tale figured out. I assumed it would be like The Notebook. Two people from different worlds falling in love, unnatural circumstances keeping them apart, and then, at the end, they end up together.

Let’s just say, this is not a predictable book and if you are going to read this one, you might want to locate the second and keep it close by,

Confession time: It took me longer to get my thoughts about this book in order then it did to read the book! If you’ll believe it, this book actually caused me emotional turmoil! For this reason I decided on four stars instead of five, for the time being.

Below this point are SPOILERS and an explanation of my emotional distress over a fictional book:

At the end of this book, I mourned the loss of what could have been a wonderful union between Noah and Tillie. It was hard for me to imagine that after three families praying for the right marriage, the wrong marriages would ensue. The fact that Tillie would meet the person she is supposed to be with (in my mind), see him as the wrong man, then marry the wrong man and be deceived along with the rest of her family, was heartbreaking.

Before I knew it, I had latched on to Tillie and saw myself in her place. At the age of 23, I have not yet married. I have been praying for years to be a wife and mother. And then to see this deception followed through to the honeymoon…. This was the ultimate horror to me! Finding the perfect man, getting married after much prayer, and then realizing the truth, that he was a blackguard in disguise. Not to mention, meeting and passing up the actual right man….What depressing irony.

It took me days to process why I was so effected by a fictional book, detach myself from the fictional character, and look at it anew. Now that my emotions are in check, I’m anxious to continue this series with book two.

In regards to Noah, I can’t necessarily be angry at him for his choices, they were very noble, the actions of a true knight. It was just very hard to read these great things he was doing while knowing he couldn’t share them with Tillie. Especially the house! I have an inkling they will eventually be together. Unfortunately, in order for that to happen, the only options I see are death, divorce, or betrayal. None of these I’m particularly fond of.

Even though this book grabbed my emotions and tossed them in the blender, I have great hopes for this series. It may not be what I was expecting, but that certainly doesn’t make the story bad. This author is amazing, and I’m so grateful she wrote her books.

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