3 Starter Steps to Revitalize your Life!

Revitalize blog imageA year of Jubilee. Wherein debts are wiped out, wrongs forgiven, sins wiped away. A fresh start.

I can’t tell you how good this sounds to me. And surely it must sound good to you as well! Who doesn’t have something hanging over their head? Who isn’t weighed down by at least one thing in their past? Personally, I don’t have one thing. I have a list.

At the top of my list? Student loans. Over $15,000 in student loans… and I didn’t even graduate! This alone is enough to make me squirm. But it isn’t even all a jubilee would absolve. There is more. So much more.

I’ve never been big on New Year’s resolutions. I’ve never understood why people feel like a new year is time to change. And I don’t encourage a “new you” mindset. I stand firmly on the belief that YOU don’t need to be “new” in order to be worth something or important. You are already valuable, already important. But if you desire to change some things, make good habits, heal relationships – that’s wonderful and I support you!

But here’s some food for thought, what if you looked at this year as a year of jubilee? Not a time to be a better you or a different you, but a year to be a fresh you, a revitalized you. How does that sound?

What’s the difference between the two?

  • A new you – I am not acceptable the way I am. I need to change. Changing will make me better.
  • A revitalized you – I am important as I am, but I am weary. There are things hanging over my head. Unresolved relationships/overwhelming debt/etc. I’m ready to no longer be weighed down by my past.

If you want to count this year as your jubilee, here’s what you can do:

  1. LIST. Make a list of everything weighing you down. Hindering your perception of yourself. Telling you you’re not important. Take your time with this list. Pray. Write it down! Any number of items may end up on this list. Don’t be afraid, put it into words.
  2. SIMPLIFY. Read through your list. At first glance, most of your items probably seem too big to solve, too big to wash away. Mine do. Are there any that can be solved with a phone call or letter? If so, mark them. Open your calendar and commit to the calls/letters this week. Then put your list away, achieve those items, and return to your list next week.
  3. DO. What’s next? Re-read your list. Are there items you are capable of solving with a plan? Create it. Are there things that you need to work through with someone? Who? Would counseling/therapy help you? Where can you go? Are there things you honestly just need to hash out with God before any progress can be made? What are you waiting for?

Take your time…

These aren’t always things that can be fixed immediately, but knowing you have a plan, knowing you are taking steps, knowing there is hope and freedom can go a long way. They DO go a long way, and if you need help, don’t be afraid to ask those around you, to Google the information you need. To remember that you are amazing, one of a kind, and so much more than the weight you carry.

Thanks for reading!


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