A Thank You To Classical Conversations

Thank You CCWhy would I, a single, childless, 26 year old fall in love with a classical homeschool program?

My answer can be reduced to one word; hope.

Because of Classical Conversations (CC):

  • My sister can now see homeschooling her children through High School (and knows they will be fully prepared for the life God calls them to).
  • My 15 year old niece now has confidence in her school work.
  • School is no longer a dreaded time in our house, it is common and constant and cherished.
  • Friends and support are never far away.
  • For the first time in my life, I have a community I feel encouraged and appreciated in (P.S. I handle childcare).
  • My niblings (nieces and nephews) are truly retaining what they learn, adding to it, questioning it, embracing it.

I could go on and on… About how Classical Conversations desires to cultivate a love of learning (and it does!), support parents as the teachers of their children (and it does!), give parents freedom and hope in educating their children (and it does!), be a community (and it is!)… I really could keep going. Our lives are changed. The whole dynamic of our house is lighter. Confidence has been lifted as well as humility. Friendships have been formed! Etc.

But, I shall leave you with this: Classical Conversations desires to know God and make him known. He is at the center of everything they do. And the further we go on our Classical Conversations journey, the less we can imagine living without it.

CC FlowChart
Go to www.ClassicalConversations.com to learn more!

Thanks for reading! Feel free to share comments about your own CC journey!

Bee the difference!


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