What’s on YOUR facebook wall?

How many of you wake up to your phone alarm, pick the phone up, turn the alarm off, and open your trusty Facebook app?

What about this one? Scroll through what everyone else has posted, “yay” or “naying” all you see. The “yays” find themselves either “liked” by you, or, if they make the cut, they earn themselves a pretty spot on your wall. Unfortunately, the “nays” get ignored.

When you’re done you have yourself a pretty picture of yourself. You like silly memes about feminism, beer, nutrition…or whatever is your forte. You are also strongly against Obama and love Duck Dynasty, although you now have a bone to pick with A&E. Certain news articles will be there too, along with your “agree” or “disagree” statements. And at the end of it all will be a picture of a Camel (possibly a drunk or injured one) saying something about Wednesday.

After our wall is done, we exit the app and move on with our day. Sometimes ourĀ  friends will argue with what we post, but for the most part, we don’t think twice about what we post.

Today I was going through my morning routine when I came across a video about abortion. Considering I don’t exactly agree with abortion, I thought about posting it. It was a very disturbing video. It showed the little miniature human in the amniotic sac (transparent bag of water). The amniotic sac was on a table and the doctor was rolling the sac around and showing the baby. It showed, very clearly, that the baby was a miniature human, and gripped your heartstrings just enough that you wanted to scream to the world that abortion is murder.

I came very close to posting this video and moving on. However, my groggy brain woke up just enough to tell me not to.

What good would come of posting that video? Would it change the world? Or, more likely, would it show the world that I care more about shoving depressing videos down the throats of confused girls than guiding them and showing them other options with love.

The next post I saw on Facebook explained and encouraged ordering “suspended” coffees. Read more about suspended coffee here. The idea is to order a coffee for yourself as well as paying for one in advance if someone needs it.

I was presented with two options this morning. I could speak hate or I could speak love. I’m glad I realized what I was doing before I caused someone pointless hurt.

Give this some thought. Tomorrow morning, what will be on your wall?

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