It's Summer!

I hope everyone is enjoying breaking out the swimsuits and sunscreen.Or, in our case, hunting through stores for new swimsuits that fit, look decent, and are affordable. Did you know that can actually be a workout?

Anyway, here's what's going on this month. It's exciting!!

I'm having a party!

If you're in Texas you should join us June 29th for The Evidence Launch Party. We will have a raffle, reading from The Evidence, and more! Including two free kids meals for every purchase of The Evidence.

I hope to see you there!

Can't make the party? Pre-Order!

Pre-Ordering gets you a FREE Tshirt and a signed copy of The Evidence. Sound like a good deal?

Pre-Order Now!



Hey! Homeschoolers!

The Homeschool Edition of Safe: Cara and Haos Tale will be out at the end of the summer, just in time for school!

This edition comes packed full of goodies. Including: maps, reading questions, essay questions and more!

Check my blog over the summer for homeschool updates. I'm working on a homeschool package that will inspire families to action and prayer for the persecuted church.

I've also dedicated the idea of a children's creative writing workshop to prayer. I can only imagine how fun something like this might be! :)



Charlie Q&A

Check out how the Q and A went!

"Listed below are the questions asked this afternoon and Charlie's responses. Scroll down to Learn more about Charlie Jenkins!

Have any other insects or animals ever spoken to you? - Asked by Nicole

Nicole, I have never heard any other insects or animals speak. I suppose, I should tell you this is a "good quesstion," however, the mere thought that …

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Thanks for sticking with me everybody!