Hey Guys! I have to tell you...

It recently came to my attention that my hermit-ness has gone too far. The other day my phone alerted me I had a text message and I couldn't, for the life of me, guess who it might be. The two people I use my phone to communicate with were either sitting beside me or at work. Hmmm... I should fix this before I get knees deep in another project and all hope of social interaction is gone.

Anyways, read on to see what is coming up!


A Call for Reviews

Have you finished reading The Evidence? Many people have verbally communicated they enjoyed reading Charlie's story, however, few have written their thoughts down.

If you enjoyed reading The Evidence, please take a minute to write a review to encourage other readers. You can post your review on Amazon, your favorite review site, or Email me (you can even reply to this newsletter). I'd love to share your thoughts on my blog.

Had some critiques or questions about The Evidence? Send me those too! I'll kindly send a reply and answer your questions.


Guess who's coming to dinner...well, to the blog...

This month Charlie Jenkins is going to be interviewed by Sally Mally!

After his time in Thailand, Charlie continued to try and make a difference in the world. He submitted a "fictional" essay to his teacher, claiming it was based on a documentary he watched. He begged his teacher to start a class project to help children in need. Mrs. Grinch denied his request. Not much of a shocker, however, word managed to get to Sally Mally and she immediately requested an interview with "The Boy Determined to Change the World."

How will Charlie handle being interviewed by the one and only Sally Mally? Find out later this month!


Remember This?

Remember when I first mentioned a print Homeschool Edition coming soon?

Well, I have great news! It will be published by Joseph's Grain Publishing this September or October. Not only that, but the Homeschool Edition Packet will also be available. This packet will come with so many goodies that your head will spin. Including a journal, optional large print version with separate workbook, pictures, and more!

I can't wait for you guys to see it!

So many exciting things going on! Thanks for reading my monthly update. :)


Have a great month everyone!