Guess What!

This weekend "Mother's What?!" hit 150 downloads and hit number 2 on a best seller list! How cool is that?

Whenever cool things like this happen, I always want to celebrate, and I was thinking... Why don't we all celebrate?! 


How are we going to celebrate?

FREE SHIPPING on The Evidence! This offer is even valid in combination with the special coupon in the back of "Mother's What?!"

This free shipping is only available when you purchase two or more copies, this way, you have one for you, and one for a friend! Yay!

To celebrate with me and take advantage of this deal use the code 150 and CLICK HERE!


What Special Coupon?

I know not everyone on my list downloaded "Mother's What", I also know that everyone (am I right?) on my list will want to celebrate this bestseller stuff with me! So, because you are signed up to my Buzz and promised special opportunities that are not for everyone, I have the code for you!

For $2 off The Evidence use the code.... thanksmom

And that's it! Take off the shipping, drop the price a few dollars and....Ta Da! A celebration worth participating in. Plus, every book you order is a first edition and comes autographed!

Oh! I almost forgot! Joseph's Grain Publishing (my publisher) will donate 60% of their income from The Evidence to providing school books to needy children in Thailand. That means, every purchase will make a difference to a child in Thailand!


Thanks for reading!!