What has 6 eyes but can't see? 

Well reader, the answer is at the end of this newsletter! :) 

Have you heard?

I'm working on a new project! A Middle-grade adventure that is not about Charlie. That's right. Whole new story, all new characters. 

It's a very odd feeling to work with characters I don't know (yet), to start the character building process over. To have endless possibilities at my fingertips. 

Anyway, if you want to read the post that announces my project, here you go!

New Project and Announcements Photo

New Project, New Goals, New Schedule! Same Elle :)

New Project I have a new project! But... as much as it pains me to withhold, I cannot spill too many details about said new project. At the moment, all I can say is, its Middle-Grade, completely new (new characters, new everything), and I do believe it’ll make quite the splash. New Goals I’m approaching my new project, my current …

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Moving on!

I'll be tweeting about my project all month! If you are a twitter fan come follow me! @author_ellebee and check out my #WIPjoy hashtags! (Just so you know, WIP stands for Work In Progress - Yay writing lingo!)


Also on Twitter... Pennywise the Evil Clown!

I'm not joking. The other night I sent out a tweet announcing that I was about to watch It for the first time ever... and I got replied to. By Pennywise! See? Proof!


Creepy! Right?

If you haven't been to the blog lately, come back! There's lots of new things! I redid the whole thing! Visit www.ellebee.me today! Oh, and the answer to the joke! You ready? 3 Blind mice... ha..ha...ha!

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Have a great weekend, reader!

~Elle Bee~

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