So reader, do you know what bird can lift the most? Don't worry, you'll find the answer at the end of this newsletter!

Don't skip to the bottom though! I have lots of cool things to say and I know you're really busy so I'll "talk" very fast! Well, type concise sentences. And few of them at that! 


First, A Giveaway!

This is a very easy giveaway to enter! Plus, if you're receiving this email, you're already halfway there! 

The prize? 

A fall themed mystery box filled with all sorts of goodies sent straight to your door! Like my Facebook page HERE to know when the giveaway is started!


Second, A Bragging Moment!

Isn't my new logo, "oh, so cute and perfect!" AND totally me!? Ah shucks, I love it too! 


Third, A Cool New Coloring/Activity Book!

This little jewel was recently released by author Annie Douglass Lima!

What you need to know?

• All proceeds go toward a Bible translation project.

• There is currently a coupon available.

• Details and links can be found on this blog post - CLICK HERE!


See? Quick and painless! Don't forget to like my Facebook page (HERE) to be ahead of the game and possibly win the Fall Mystery Bee Box and have it delivered straight to our door!

The answer to the joke? A crane! Wa-wah... :)

Have a great weekend!

Elle :)

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