Did you know there is a giveaway happening on Facebook right this minute? There is! And it continues for a few more days! Woo!

As a subscriber, you are already almost entered! 

Entering is a three step process:

1. Like my Facebook page (www.facebook.com/ellebee.me) - Some of you have already done this!

2. Subscribe to my newsletter - You have already done this!

3. Comment "done" on the giveaway post (Pinned post on my Facebook page)!

THAT"S IT!! I hope you will take advantage of this opportunity and enter the Bee Box giveaway today!


What is the prize?

The winner of the fall mystery Bee Box will receive a medium flat-rate box STUFFED with fall themed items in the mail next week! Isn't that awesome? 

Now, when I say stuffed, I mean: The box is so full of completely amazing and tasty items that I almost couldn't tape it shut. 

So, take advantage of this reminder email and enter today!!

Have a great week!

Elle :)