reader, it's one of my four favorite seasons!! ;)

Which are you looking forward to most, Thanksgiving or Christmas? (Not a rhetorical question, let me me know via a reply email or write on my Facebook page! Include a funny/personal story/memory surrounding that choice!) Personally, I'm anxious for Thanksgiving! I love the food, fellowship, PIE (yes food and PIE are different categories!), the almost tangible gratitude! Oh, I love it all!


What was in the Bee Box I gave away?!?

THESE! All this was in the Fall Bee Box! I MAY have gotten slightly carried away, but what can I say? I love gifts and holidays! A few of these items were donated to the box (specifically numbers 1-4) by small businesses/indie authors. So, if you're starting your Christmas shopping, start with this post that goes into more detail about the box items! You'll have the opportunity to win a book and support small businesses! :)


It's a curse! I just can't stop giving things away! Well... I can, but I don't want to!

SAFE was FREE last week! If you're a fan of my Facebook page, hopefully you saw and grabbed your free download! If not, it's only $1.50! 

(For those of you unfamiliar with SAFE, this is my very first published work. Published three years ago! An excellent resource for homeschooling families and teaching your children about Christian persecution. Based on true events as well!)

SAFE has received rave reviews! But still only has 8... :( So, I'm asking my readers to leave an honest review! As an incentive, and because I love you guys, I have a small gift to mail everyone who leaves a review! (While supplies lasts). Purchase or review HERE! 

Last but not least! 

If you are planning to start a blog or recently started one, I put together some thoughts for you! Check them out here!

As always, the post is a fast read, but still valuable! :)

Thanks for reading!! Don't forget to leave a review of SAFE to get your gift!

Oh, and eat lots of pie this Thanksgiving! 

Elle :)

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