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It's already March! I hope you had a great February. Mine was incredibly busy. It was a FULL birthdays and babies month.

Now, in this Buzz I'm very excited to do some introductions, give away a few more behind the scenes details of Missions with Miss Bee, and....Well you'll just have to read to find out! Enjoy!

Character Introduction

Last month I introduced my current project, Missions with Miss Bee. This month I'm introducing the main character of the series!

The facts:

Name: Charlie Jenkins      Age: 10   

Charlie has curly brown hair and is quite small for his age. His skin is very pale, giving other kids one more thing to poke fun at.  He has a hard time at school, not because of the academics, but because of the people! He just can't seem to get on anyone's good side.

His home life is not much better, his parents are hardly home, leaving him to be very independent and resourceful. 

Charlie loves to read and is not very fond of video games. He has been known to have a very bad  attitude toward his life and the people he interacts with. But really, can you blame the kid?

 How do you think he'll do when he is taken away from everything he knows and plopped in some places where not even his hands are his own?

Charlie and the Bee 

Before I present Missions with Miss Bee, I have a short story to offer. This short story, Charlie and the Bee, shows Charlie's first encounter with a bee claiming to be his teacher and demanding he call her "Miss Bee."

Not only that, but when she sees he won't believe her words, she stings him and whisks him away to SHOW him.

One chapter will be posted each Wednesday! This story is geared towards little ones, so grab them and have a short story time!

I'm Famous! (Well, almost)


Read the post that made it into Embolden Magazine

I could feel it on my face, on my neck. The warm breath encircled me and left me feeling comfortable, filled with contentment. Convinced nothing could go wrong.

My hand tightened. It was soft in my grip and seemed to pulse with power. My mouth watered.

The hot breath enveloped me again as it hissed one word. "Yes." ...

Read online.

Have you read...?

If you're on the lookout for new books to read, check out the blog! Every Friday I post a review of my most current read. Most books are Christian themed, however, sometimes I pick up something random.

This Friday my review of "Shadow Stalker" by Barbara Ann Derksen will be posted. Most of the books I get my hands on are from authors like me, authors trying to get their name out in a very overpopulated arena. This being said, there will be many books you have not yet heard of, but are fantastic and need to be read!

App Time

App Time.... We all love them!

Making ellebee.me an app on your phone is as easy as 1,2,3!

For IPhone

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March Guest Posts

This month our guest appearances are from:

  • Mark Myers
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  • Cathy Bryant
  • Mystery Guest!

If you are interested in making an appearance, reply to this Email! I'd love to have you! :)

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