Guess who has been a busy BEE!

No matter what we do, the clock keeps ticking! Does it feel like we're always in a race against the clock to you, reader? Luckily we're in the homestretch of making Missions with Bee happen!Woohoo!

Now we get to have some fun. I'm thinking lot's of free stuff, games, and, while we're at it, let's get as close and personal to the characters as we can. I mean, honestly, Finishing this book is cause for celebration, a party, and everyone is invited!

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Six weeks in Thailand changed the way I view the world. When I came home, I wanted to tell everyone the effect it had on my life. I poured hours into a story describing every detail of what I saw and felt.

Only, when I was halfway through my story, something felt wrong. The story was not right.

Using the password: "freeforme" (Free For Me)...

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On 4/14/14, after Charlie and the Bee is finished. We get some goodies... one of which is a short interview between Sally Mally and ONE of the Characters from Missions with Miss Bee.


I mentioned above we are going to get up close and personal with the characters of Missions with Miss Bee. How are we doing this? On 4/15/14 We will have a Q&A between Charlie and YOU. For this event please round up all of your youngsters and spread the word! We want every question possible asked and answered. Let's find out just who this Charlie boy is!

More details of this event will be posted on my blog as the day approaches. Stay tuned. :)


More cause for a party? On April 21st I will post a free chapter on the blog... Why is this cool? YOU get to vote which chapter you want posted!

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The print Homeschool Edition of Safe: Cara and Hao's Tale is coming soon!

This edition contains the story we all know and love PLUS:

  • Vocabulary
  • Reading Questions
  • Discussion Questions
  • and MORE!

This edition will also include a forward from Tamara Hanscom, author of The Caselli Family Series, AND a sweet surprise...



It's coming! Mark your calender for 5/5/14. That's the day the cover for Missions with Miss Bee: The Evidence will be...


I almost forgot! Over the next two months there will be AT LEAST three golden opportunities to get your hands on a free signed copy of Mission with Miss Bee: The Evidence.

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So many exciting things! Thanks for sticking with me!


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