That Time I Said I’d Never Blog – Oh, Yes I did. [Blogging 101]

I’m quite possibly the last person who should talk about blogging 101. I’ve made all the classic mistakes and probably some new ones as well.

  • I’ve been inconsistent – if that is even a strong enough word for abandoning your blog for over a year…Fine, two years…
  • I’ve avoided telling people I even have a blog because they actually might read my writing. The worst nightmare of a writer, really!
  • I’ve stressed over blog posts for days and put others up at the last minute.
  • I’ve tried a store on my blog and taken it down.
  • I’m still not a guru on why we have categories
  • and why do I keep getting comments about my SEO not being…optimized?

This is just the tip of the iceberg, and everyone knows I’m not done making silly mistakes. But then again, maybe this is exactly why I should share some blogging 101. I can empathize with those new to/still getting comfortable with the blogging world. If that is you, stick around and make sure to sign up for The Buzz – You’ll even receive a free download of Elle Bee’s 13 Boxes to Check Before Clicking Publish!

Yes, I said I’d never blog – I may have even said blogs were pointless.

When I published my very first short story, SAFE: Cara & Hao’s Tale, the whole internet told me it was time to set up a blog. That I needed one. Because I was an author and authors need a platform. But I didn’t want one! I didn’t like them. I had never found one I enjoyed reading. At the time, I couldn’t care less about what someone I didn’t know did that day… and that’s all I saw blogs as, diary entries on the internet.

Not only that, I wasn’t a big internet person anyway, it had been a triumph to Self-Publish a book through KDP. The most experience I had with the internet was Facebook. My personal Facebook. I had to Google how to create a Facebook author page. (You should LIKE mine, click here)… and now I needed a…a….blog?

You want me to come up with interesting nonsense and post it online on a regular basis? As part of my professional identity? No thanks! What if people read it?

Oh, little naive me. Less naive me now knows how great and useful and interesting blogs can be! That yes, an author should have a blog. But back then, it was so daunting and-and-pointless! What on Earth would I write? Who would read it anyway? I was so new. I had no readers, no followers, no fans. Just a few family members and friends. I didn’t think it was imperative to keep a blog going when no one would read it anyway. Doh! – another mistake. Absolutely keep your blog going! Continue learning, continue posting, continue adding content and growing your blog!Tweet This

Thankfully peer pressure won out!

…And I discovered blogging was like learning to ride a bike. Very painful. Tweet This

But here I am! Still alive – if slightly bloody – a blogger. And you can be too! Yes, I said I’d never blog, but now I love it. Keep reading my Blogging 101 posts and you might discover you love it too!

Thanks for reading! What was it like when you first entered the blogging world? What advice would you give? Have questions? Share/Ask in the comments!

Elle Bee 🙂 

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