Cara and Hao’s Tale: Homeschool Edition


This edition takes the Amazon bestseller we all know and love and presents it in a way that encourages listening, comprehension, and action.

In this collection you will find:
Full color maps
Reading, essay, and discussion questions
And vocabulary

Let’s not forget the options you will be given to pick exactly what will help your family learn and grow.

For younger readers there will be a Large Print edition, inside you will find a picture on every other page with large, easy to read print. Larger, or less frequently used words, will be bold. Its never to early to expand your vocabulary!

To go with the Large Print edition, there will be a companion workbook. This will hold the dictionary, maps, questions, and answers.


For older, more experienced readers, the Homeschool Edition all-in-one provides a picture to start each chapter, smaller print, and, of course the full color maps, vocabulary, questions for all ages and an answer guide.

But wait, that’s just the beginning, the Homeschool package will include:

1. Prayer sticky notes to encourage children to pick something to pray about everyday.
2. All books signed by the author
3. A personal journal  for your children to record their own stories, thoughts, and comments.
4. A personal note from the author
5. A coupon for either the Kindle edition of Cara and Hao’s Tale or the next book in the Safe series.
6. A Safe bookmark
7. Review post card (When submitted, you will receive 50% of purchase of The Evidence, Missions with Miss Bee)
8. A mailing list subscription for future updates and savings
9. Your choice of Large Print, regular, or both.
10. The option for multiple journals, for multi-children households.



To be added to the waiting list and notified when this collection is released, fill out the form below.

Thanks for reading!

Elle Bee 🙂

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