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Reading should be an activity which whisks you out of your life and plops you down somewhere in the unknown. That unknown my be filled with dragons and trolls, unicorns and witches, vampires and werewolves…or somewhere else completely. Anywhere is good, as long as it is somewhere exciting!

On this blog you will find Christian Fiction. Oh, but don’t be turned away, plenty exciting it will be! You will witness miracles, angels, demons, monsters you haven’t imagined, talking rabbits, pet pigs, women being hunted, the saving grace of our heavenly Father again and again, and much more! Our current adventure will reveal to the public eye the current story I’m putting the finishing touches on before sending it to be published. Each week a little more will be revealed as a new chapter is posted right here. So, please leave comments, don’t fall behind, and of course….Enjoy the adventure!

New Project, New Goals, New Schedule! Same Elle :)

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New Project I have a new project! But… as much as it pains me to withhold, I cannot spill too many details about said new project. At the moment, all I can say is, its Middle-Grade, completely new (new characters, new everything), and I do believe it’ll make quite the splash. New Goals I’m approaching …

Cara and Hao’s Tale: Homeschool Edition

This edition takes the Amazon bestseller we all know and love and presents it in a way that encourages listening, comprehension, and action. In this collection you will find: Full color maps Pictures Reading, essay, and discussion questions And vocabulary Let’s not forget the options you will be given to pick exactly what will help …