Charlie and the Bee: Chapter 2

Charlie and the Bee

Chapter 2

Ker-plunk! My backside came in swift contact with a cold, hard, floor. I had no idea where I was. I could see absolutely nothing because it was pitch black.

“Oh my!” I heard the bee exclaim. Unfortunately, she was still with me.

“I’ll say.” I mumbled as I got to my feet. “What did you do to me?” My neck still stung where it’s stinger had so rudely invaded my skin. I couldn’t help but wonder if the allergic reaction to the sting had sent me into a coma or some kind of delusion.

“It’s so dark. We need to get some lights on in here.” Said the bee.

“No, I need to wake up.”

“Charlie you’re completely awake already.” The bee said.

Light began to flood the room.

“There we go that’s much better.” Came the bee’s voice again.

“If I’m awake. Where am I and what did you do to me?”

The room appeared to be a small closet. There were mops, brooms, buckets, and other cleaning materials lining the walls. It didn’t take long to find the door, and when I did so, I immediately grabbed the door handle and twisted. I needed to get out of here. I swung the door open and stepped out, not waiting for the bee’s reply or looking to see where she even was.

The room I entered was like one I had never seen before. It was huge. The ceiling was way up above me and was painted to look just like the blue sky, with a few clouds and even a bird here and there. The walls had different paintings. Some paintings showed men fighting, one showed a big boat with lots of animals, another showed a man and a woman dressed in leaves. In a corner of the room a walking stick was on display right beside a painting of the ocean split in two. At least….I thought it was the ocean.

“Ahem.” Did the bee really just clear her throat to get my attention? I closed my mouth, which had apparently dropped open, and looked around for the bee. She was still in the closet, propped up on the top of a broomstick.

“In answer to your first question, we are in a very special museum. In answer to your second, I transported you to the location of our first field trip.” With that she flew over and landed on my shoulder.

I fought the desire to flick her off. If what she said was true, she was my way home.

“Uhhhh….What are we doing here, little bee?”

“Miss Bee. You will refer to me as Miss Bee.”

“Okay.” Again, I fought the desire to insult. “Miss Bee, what are we doing here?”

“We are proving to you that I am real, your new teacher in fact.”

“Oh boy. When do we go home?”

“In a little while. Let’s go look around.”

If all I needed to do to go home was look around, look around is what I planned to do. I set off out of the room, I had seen everything here that I needed to see.

The next room I entered had two statues. One looked to be a giant. He was smiling, like he was having fun. In front of the giant was a boy. He wasn’t that much taller than me. Beside him was a table, on the table was a slingshot and three pebbles.

“Who is that supposed to be?” I asked as I examined the boy statue more closely.

“That is King David.” Miss Bee replied.

“He looks really young to be a king.” I reached out to touch the pebbles on the table.

“This was before he became king.Don’t touch that!”

I jerked my hand back and stuffed it in my pocket. The way Miss Bee’s tone had turned so stern so quickly had startled me.

I decided it would be best to move on to the next room. I left and ended up in a hallway.

“Where should I go now?” I asked, wanting to know the fastest way home. If I missed class, I had no doubt I would be in serious trouble.

When Miss Bee didn’t answer I looked around, brushed off my shoulders, and even messed up my hair to see if she was hiding somewhere. If she was hiding, it wasn’t in any of those places. I turned around to go back into the room and ran into the door.

“Ouch!” I knew I hadn’t closed the door. The lights flickered, making my heart race. I wanted to go home. I was done playing games with a bee. I turned the door handle, swung the door open, marched inside and announced, “Miss Bee! Take me home!” After I said that, the lights flickered and then went out completely.

I held my breath. What was going on? I closed my eyes and began to count slowly and take deep breaths to calm myself down. One Mississippi… Two Mississippi….Three Miss..

The lights came back on. My eyes flew open and took in the room. I was standing in the doorway of an EMPTY room. The same room I had left, but now, the statues were gone, and so was Miss Bee.

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