Coop’s Interview on the Sally Mally Show

cooltext1365090789—-This interview was submitted by an anonymous guest in the Sally Mally Show audience. It is Transcribed word for word with a few descriptive details added.—–

Sally: “Today we have the incredible pleasure of meeting the man who goes by the name, Coop.Whether this is his actual name, I can’t say for sure. One thing I can say is, Ladies, he is available!

This man risked his life to rescue a new friend. He traveled across the country to Florida and then, after rescuing his friend, turned around and floored it back to Texas to make his final stand against a deranged lunatic who now resides safely behind the white walls where he belongs. We can only hope, for the safety of us all, the guards of this institution are as brave and strong as our hero.

Without further ado, Id like to welcome Coop.

Here he is ladies and gentlemen!

Oh boy, bat my eyes and pucker my lips! Isn’t he a sight for sore eyes? Thank you for joining us today, Coop.”

Coop: “The pleasure’s mine, ma’am.”

Sally: “And so polite, you’re definately a keeper.”

Coop: “Uh, thank you.”

Sally: “Now, Coop, we all want to know. What was the most terrifying part of your adventure?”

Coop: “Most of it, but if I had to narrow it down I’d say the times I almost died.”

Sally: “Now seriously. A big brave man like you surely wasn’t terrified the whole time.”

Coop: “Don’t be so sure about that, Ma’am. Bravery isn’t about never being scared. It’s about facing those fears.”

Sally: “And face those fears you did! Tell me, how were you able to defend yourself? You must work out! I mean, look at me I can’t take my hands off you.”

Coop: “I’ve noticed. I mean, my father taught me self defense… He believes everyone should know how to protect themselves.”

Sally: “Your father is a smart man. I can only imagine what would have happened if your father hadn’t prepared you. That beast of a man would have finished you and Barabus.”

Coop: “Barney. And yes, my father is a brilliant man.”

Sally: “Indeed. I’m so glad you were able to put that thing behind white walls. If it were up to me, it’d be the noose for him!”

Coop: “Bars. He isn’t in an insane asylum. He turned himself in actually, I had nothing to do with it.”

Sally: “You are too modest! You had everything to do with it. You fought him and won!”

Coop: “Yes, I did. But I wouldn’t have if God didn’t protect me. And Crank is a completely different person now.”

Sally: “A split personality, you say? Oh my!”

Coop: “No ma’am. He accepted Jesus into his heart, that sort of thing changes a man…um, Ma’am?”

Sally: “Oh my! I was day dreaming. Where were we? That’s right.. you wrote a book about your adventure with Barnaby.”

Coop: “Barney.”

Sally: “Right, Barbie. In your book you describe yourself as having the “gift”, as you say, of mind reading. Where did you come up with this idea?”

Coop:  “You know how it is, Miss Sally, sometimes things just come to you. Something as simple as a handshake can fill your head with all sorts of new thoughts.”

Sally:  “Indeed. However, some people think you actually have this ability. What do you have to say in response to this claim?”

Coop: “Do YOU think I can read your mind, Miss Sally?”

Sally: [giggle] “Why don’t we put that to the test. Here….Take my hand I won’t bite.”

Coop: “If you say so. Do you have a pen I can borrow?”

Sally: “Sure, why not. Here you are.”

Coop: “Much obliged. Go ahead and close your eyes and think of a color. [Begins writing] I said a color, not a number. Thank you. Now just one color thank you. Blue, blue is your color of choice, wait, you changed it on me, it’s red now. There you are, here is your hand back”

Sally: “Well, it’s safe to say you definitely don’t read minds. I hate the colors blue and red and would never pick them.”

Coop: “If you say so, Ma’am. Will you humor me once more?”

Sally: “What have I got to lose? Would you like my hand back?”

Coop: “No, you’ll need it. Read what I wrote on your palm.”

Sally: “Huh, yellow. Lucky guess.”

Coop: “Lucky you say?”

Sally: “Of course! One last thing before we close.”

Coop: “And what is that?”

Sally: “You ended your book in quite the cliffhanger! Are you just torturing us? Or will there be another?”

Coop: “There will be another.  I’m getting ready to head back out to the road. And something tells me it’ll be quite the adventure.”

Sally: “The air is full of anticipation, do tell, where are you going?”

Coop: “To check on someone, is all I can say. I’m afraid they might be in danger.”

Sally: “Well, I believe I speak for all of us when I say, thank you for joining us. And We simply can not wait for your next book.”

Coop: “Thank you Ma’am. Here’s your pen.”

“Sally: “You keep it. It has my number in case you need anything.”

Coop: “Uh…..Thanks.” [Awkward exit]

Sally: “And that, ladies and gentlemen,  wraps up our show. Have a good weekend!”



(The Sally Mally Show is completely fictional and made up for entertainment. )

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