Why I’ve Fallen off the Side of the Internet World…

Why I've Fallen off the Side of the Internet WorldI haven’t been replying to emails, reading, reviewing, critiquing, or even writing.

Why not?

Well, there is no easy way to explain where I’ve been or what I’ve been doing. I moved somewhere new. Somewhere different. And am taking care of children in need. Children who have been abused and neglected. Some have been starved, others have been locked in a room for days… some come covered in bruises, others come covered in lice… These children don’t understand love and kindness. And although we take in as many as possible and do what we can. There are more. More we turn away. Hundreds more in similar situations elsewhere.

You may think I moved to another country, have gone on another mission trip, but you’d be wrong. I moved barely over an hour from where I had been living. Just outside of San Antonio, TX. These children I speak of, they come from San Antonio, Austin… surrounding cities…

I’m sorry to the numerous authors and readers who have reached out to me and received no reply, I can guarantee you I read your email, I just didn’t take the time to reply. My days are full of caring for littles who need my attention, need to know they are important and loved. By night time, I am too tired to be an internet presence. I hope to get back to reading, reviewing, and writing, but for now…

  • If you emailed asking for a review, congratulations on finishing your book! I have noted you and your book title and hope to get back to you eventually!
  • If I previously said I would read your book but haven’t emailed a review, you are still on my list! Have patience with me, I can’t wait to read your work of art!
  • If you want to know if I’ll start blogging again, I sure hope so!
  • If you’re waiting on critiques from me, this is at the top of my list! Before any more reviews, so hang in there!
  • If you’re wondering about my current writing project, I haven’t forgotten about it! Although, I may be a little stumped…

My eyes have been opened to a huge need in our Country, State, City, Neighborhood… Maybe on your very street. Hundreds of children need a loving home. They need to be shown that there is goodness in this world. You can be that goodness, that difference, and you don’t need to donate hundreds of dollars, you don’t need to take a trip across the world. You can change the world by opening your home. Will you?

Visit www.LegacyRanchKids.com for more information (and to hopefully get started on making a difference today!)

As always, thanks for reading and please share!


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