Hide It In Your Heart – The Coloring Book (And Author) You Need to Know About!

Hide it in your Heart CoverEarly this week I came across a jewel. A new coloring/activity book with a description declaring all proceeds will be donated to translating the Bible into different languages. Now, I’m not usually one for coloring… But I think I just might be now! And I think I’ll do some Christmas shopping as well!

Hide It In Your Heart – Not your normal coloring book!

Hide It In Your Heart helps you hide it (scripture) in your heart! It is a scripture coloring/activity book! What a great way to learn scripture with your family or by yourself!

Naturally, after learning there was an author who created this fantastic coloring book and then pledged to donate all proceeds, I wanted to know more! Luckily, Annie Douglass Lima and I are in the same Facebook group. Oh yeah, we’re practically buds…Okay, friends…Acquaintances? Well, we’ve spoken a few times! Give me a break the Facebook group is big and I didn’t know how cool she was!

And she is cool, I sent her some interview questions and she replied with responses that would make you want to be her best friend. She gave me the whole scoop on where the idea for the coloring book came from, what she’s currently reading (as well as some of her favorite reads) and much more. And I must say, this is an author you need to keep up with.

So, where did the idea of donating all proceeds come from?

I’m friends with a missionary family who are translating the Bible for a particular ethnic group in a nearby country, and it’s been wonderful hearing about what God has been doing through them in the lives of these people who have never heard His word before… Besides, the book is all about God’s word, so it seemed appropriate for it to be used to bring God’s word into people’s lives in more ways than one.

Annie normally writes fiction, not coloring books. Where’d she get the idea to put one together?

A few months ago, one of my colleagues was leading us in staff devotions before work… she handed out markers, colored pencils, and little slips of paper on which she had printed a Bible verse. It was written in several fun “outline fonts.” She turned on some music and suggested we spend the last few minutes meditating on the words as we colored them in. It was so much fun and, as she mentioned, coloring the words really made them stand out in my mind. The activity wasn’t even over before I thought, “Someone should make a whole coloring book like this! People would love it, and it’s such a good way to really think about each word and phrase!” And so I decided to be the one to do it.

Is this project only around for a limited time?

Nope, Hide it In Your Heart will be out there indefinitely, with all the proceeds continuing to go toward the Bible translation project.

What is one thing she would say to a younger version of herself?

In everything you do, ask yourself if you’re bringing glory to God or just doing it for yourself. Nothing will end up being as fun or fulfilling as you think, if you aren’t doing it for the Lord.

Want to read the whole interview and see all the questions and answers? Download it HERE!

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Purchase Hide It In My Heart for $8.99!

I plan on purchasing several copies. If you want to join me in supporting this great cause, here’s how!

  • Order from Amazon! Outside the US? Go HERE!
  • Order from CreateSpace and save 15%! Use coupon code: JZBVVBH8 – Because CreateSpace gives higher royalties than Amazon, this option will actually result in more money going to the Bible translation project, even after the discount. Win win!

Have you read any books by Annie Douglass Lima? Ordered Hide It In Your Heart? Let me know in the comments!

Thanks for reading!

Elle 🙂

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