Hope’s Interview on the Sally Mally Show


Sally: As you all know, we have been wrapping up our shows with special guests who, we believe, have changed the world. Today, our special guest is visiting all the way from Thailand. Let’s hear it for Hope!

Hope enters. She is petite with dark skin and long black hair.

Sally: Welcome, Hope. Thank you for joining us today.

Hope: It’s my pleasure. Thank you for having me.

Sally: So, Hope. I hear you have an orphanage. Tell me about that.

Hope: I do. Although it’s not like the orphanages here. It’s filled with children we have rescued from traficking. Children, who because of their situation can never be adopted.

Sally gasps.

Sally: Oh my! Child slavery, the inability to be adopted. How horrible! Have you personally rescued these children?

Hope: Yes, I have. But what’s amazing is…

Sally: My dear Hope! You must appear as an angel of light to these babes!

Hope: Not always. Many of these children are scared of us at first…

Sally: Scared of you? Why, that’s impossible!

Hope: It’s really not…

Sally starts to protest but is stopped by Hope raising her hand in a “stop” motion.

Hope: Sally, please let me finish. These children have suffered much harm and have been repeatedly told that foreigners will treat them worse than they are currently being treated.

Sally: (Looking astonished at being interrupted) Well, I, Never…Those little urchens should be grateful you’re helping them!

Hope: They are scared, Sally, and don’t know any better. The amazing thing about these children is that after we take them in it takes almost no time at all for them to become completely different children. They laugh, smile, and sing praise songs to Jesus…

Sally: (obviously still upset about the minor interruotion.) Well, it seems to me they should be singing g praise songs to you. You’re the one who rescues them!

Hope sighs.

Sally: Well thank you for joining us today! I wish you the best of luck with your orphanage.

Hope stands awkwardly.

Hope: Thanks…uh…

Sally: Goodbye, now. See you next time. (Sally finishes with a wave, as if shooing Hope out of her studio.

(The Sally Mally Show is completely fictional for entertainment purposes. Hope can be found as “the food lady” in The Evidence, coming 6/ 26/14)

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