Let’s Quest, You and I

Melkorka Cover

“Branimir┬áBaran cowered away from the copper ore heating in the open hearth. He could not keep his heart from beating in his chest, knowing this would be the first weapon to ever have been crafted at Melkorka. (Melkorka by Joshua Robertson)”

I found this little gem at Comic-Con in Austin. My first time at comic-con – my introduction to another world – a day I found many treasures! The above quote is how Melkorka starts, the first two sentences. Aren’t they enticing? Aren’t they…. alluring?

The idea of this being the first time a weapon was crafted in this land is gripping. Why haven’t they crafted them before? Are the inhabitants nonviolent? Are they huge and terrifying…. causing enemies to run instead of battle? What has changed? Why is a weapon now needed? The questions continue….

If a new book, nay adventure, nay QUEST quickens your heart, consider embarking on this one with me. I’m going to start reading this one soon, so grab a copy and read with me! We can share thoughts and reviews! Tag me on Facebook and let me know if you’re in!

Remember, we are coming up on the holidays – let’s give our lesser known authors and adventures support!

Oh, did I mention I got to meet the author?

Joshua Robertson Author

Or that he signed my book?


Or that I also acquired a map??


Read with me, it’ll be fun!

Thanks for reading,


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