New Project, New Goals, New Schedule! Same Elle :)

New Project

I have a new project! But… as much as it pains me to withhold, I cannot spill too many details about said new project. At the moment, all I can say is, its Middle-Grade, completely new (new characters, new everything), and I do believe it’ll make quite the splash.

New Goals

I’m approaching my new project, my current work in progress (WIP), differently. Instead of staying in the Self-Publishing/small publisher realm, this WIP is going for the Gold. My WIP and I are working extra hard, studying the craft like never before, working with critique partners and so much more.

Our end goal? To be picked up by a traditional publisher. Not for pride, not because I’m leaving JGP (Joseph’s Grain Publishing), but because it’ll push me to do better. Teach me to create greater adventures for my readers. Gain exposure for myself as well as JGP. And give me experience with the other side of publishing.

This adventure is not small, it will take time, but I’d love for my readers to walk it with me. 🙂

New Schedule

I’ve made the commitment to post a new blog post every Friday! Please pray I can keep this commitment! As you know, commitments dislike me. And yet, so many of them have recently hopped into my life!

Bonus: Currently Reading!

As stated above, I’m devouring any and all material that will provide information and insight to help with my WIP. The book I’m currently reading/studying/devouring/carrying with me everywhere/and highlighting like crazy is Getting into Character by Brandilyn Collins. If you are a writer/author/novelist or desire to be one day, you should grab a copy and read it with me! It is…AMAZING. Truly. I’d love to talk books with you!

Want to purchase your own copy of Getting into Character?

If you have a different resource you love, or have already read Getting into Character, share in the comments!

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  • Hey Elle!
    One of the best resources I have and one I have read three or four times now is a book called “Story Trumps Structure” by Steven James.

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