“Niblingism” #10

So, our house is currently packed with a new nibling (Born February 23!!) and excited grandparents. The children have been quite amusing the last week, however, one instance topped the cake.

Abi (four years old) found a kid’s watch in a bedroom and came running out exclaiming, “It’s three at night!”

We all laughed and I kindly told her the watch does not say the right time. It was actually around seven.

THEN her silly grandfather called her over and instructed her to respond to my comment and say, “It’s three O’clock somewhere.” Which she did.

Again, we all laughed and all was forgotten, or so we thought…

The next morning, Abi appeared with her trusty watch in hand. A few words, that I couldn’t completely hear, were exchanged between her and her mother. Then I heard Abi, very loudly announce…. ”

Well, mom, it’s five O’clock somewhere!”

I just have to say, I love my Abi!

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