Niblingism #12 – I Think I Created A (Nibling) Monster!

Nibling logo 2My nibling is a… Whovian? (Side note: Whovian refers to being a member of the Doctor Who fandom.)

A few months back I showed my niblings Doctor Who. I thought they would enjoy it, especially Joshua (My 9 yr old nibling). And he did. One might even say he enjoyed it too much.

Honestly, it’s the perfect show for him. Its convoluted and full of numbers. There is Classic Who as well as Current Who. There are 12 different actors who play 1 character… confusing. But I love it! And now does my nib!

Exhibit A:

[Scene: I just ended (well, tried to end) a Doctor Who conversation about a monster book his friend owns. Why did I end it? Because him, his mom and his siblings NEEDED TO LEAVE!]

Joshua: Did you know –

Me: Not now, go get ready to go. We’ll talk about Doctor Who later.

Joshua: K! [scampers off and returns seconds later, not ready to leave] Do you think we can watch –

Me: We’ll talk about it later. Get ready to go.

Joshua: Right! [Another scamper and quick return, still shoeless] Do you know which Doctor faced the most Cybermen?

Me: No… Number 4?

Joshua: TWO! And the War Doctor faced the most Daleks!

Me: Cool. Go get ready to go.

Joshua: K! [Scampers and returns mostly ready to walk out the door…but not quite] I was reading about season 5…

Me: Classic Who? (season refers to Classic. We don’t normally watch Classic.)

Joshua: Uh… Series (refers to Current Who… See? Confusing.) and I noticed there are a lot of monsters!

Me: That was Matt Smith’s first series. Let’s see, there were the (names numerous monster) and vampires, right?

Joshua: YEAH! and I was thinking –

Me: Joshua! Go get ready to leave!

Joshua: [Wanders off STILL talking about what he read in the monster book]

And this is a normal day in our house now that Joshua has seen the show. I’m not going to lie, I absolutely love that my nibling is a Whovian.

Your Turn!

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Elle Bee 🙂

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