Niblingism #13 – Just Another Dinner with Niblings!

Niblingism logo 2 - niblingsNiblings at the Table!

So we were sitting at dinner the other night. We had a guest and were attempting to be… civil? Polite? Okay, I’m not really sure what we were trying to be, but I can tell you we were NOT trying to be overwhelming. Or too unusual for that matter.

We didn’t succeed.

Things went mostly great! Nathan (age 5) sat at the table with no shirt on. It was no big deal, not really. We made a few jokes about “shirtless” night and how it is more common for Nathan to not have clothes than to have them.

Nathan, who has been working on his communication, yelled, “Guys!” We watched as he slightly lowered his head, yet kept his eyes locked with our guest’s – almost like he was about to charge through the table – and continued, “I







at you!”

And that’s a normal night in my house! What about your’s?

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Elle 🙂

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