“Niblingism” #4

While we were hanging out outside the doctor’s office today, waiting for my sister’s appointment to finish, Joshua (age 6) and Abi (age4) were deep in conversation. The topic: superheroes.

Joshua was in the middle of explaining “girls like Spider-Man….and Spider-Man likes girls.” When all of a sudden his attention was diverted and he yelled, “squirrel!”

Abi, forgetting their previous conversation, snapped her head around and inquired “where?”

Niblingism logo 2Joshua – “There, behind the tree.”

Abi – “Oh.”

Joshua – “Too bad we don’t have dad’s gun. Then we could shoot it. And skin it. And gut it. And have it for dinner.”

Abi – “And too bad we don’t have dad here.”

Joshua – “Wonder-woman is a superhero.”

I must say I’m not sure how to respond to this one, their dad would be proud, for sure, but….. How did he go from squirrels to Wonder-woman?

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