“Niblingism” #5

Niblingism LogoYesterday morning my sister and I went to our ladies Bible Study, as we do every week. Without putting much thought into it, we left all four children at home to spend time with their dad.

However, Dad was very tired and had watched a movie with the kids in the living room. He had no clue that three year old Nathan had escaped the living room and wandered into the kitchen for a snack.

When we got home, Nathan greeted us loudly and pulled us to the kitchen saying, “It’s time to clean up!” My sister and I followed him down the hall and into the kitchen, this is what we found on the kitchen floor:

  • 1 bag of leftover restaurant chips
  • 2 pieces of banana peel (the bundle was hanging precariously off the edge of the counter)
  • 1 small open container of sour cream (the lid was laying beside the container)
  • 1 small open container of jalapenos (the lid was still in the fridge)
  • 2 storage containers housing leftovers
  • 1 huge open bowl of fruit salad
  • 1 bite of banana (this quickly disappeared into Nathan’s mouth)

The discovery was quite shocking, to say the least. However, Nathan continued to casually pick items up and put them back in the fridge. When things were too heavy, he asked his big sister Abi (4 years old) to assist in the putting away. It was pretty impressive.

Soon, the mess was gone and Nathan was requesting lunch. I have to say, high five to Nate for cleaning up after himself!


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