“Niblingism” # 6

Here’s a conversation to make you chuckle….

I was sitting by the computer today with 3yr old Nathan on my lap. He was having fun playing with my necklace when he noticed my bra strap had slipped. This is what followed:

“Why are you wearing that?”

“Because I’m a girl.”

“Is grandpa a girl?”Niblingism logo 2

“No. Grandpa is a boy.”

“I’m a boy!”

“Yes you are.”

“And you’re a boy.”

“Nope. I’m a girl.”

“And Kyalie’s a girl.”

“Yes. Kyalie’s a girl.”

“And Kyalie’s not a necklace.”

“….Correct. Your sister is not a necklace.”

“I like your necklace!”

“Thanks Nathan…”

Conversations with three year olds are the best!

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