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Author Elle Bee

World traveler and follower of Jesus Christ, Elle Bee has taken hard truths of this world and Christianity and turned them into stories for families to read and discuss together. Her SAFE series focuses on true stories of Christians faced with persecution for their faith. Whereas, her Missions with Miss Bee series takes a fictional, normal, child and introduces him to Christianity in a way never seen before.

Elle Bee is currently working on a new middle-grade project and keeping up with five rambunctious niblings.

Rave Amazon Reviews for Safe: Cara and Hao’s Tale

Safe: Cara and Hao's Tale“A wonderful short story that vividly describes a child’s fears and emotions as she and her family experience persecution that no one should ever have to experience. The writing and wording is so sharp one feels they are right in the midst of the story. Great writer. I see a bright future for Author Elle Bee.”

-Patricia Greene

“The wording, the mental picture, happy, sad, funny, a little scared. I had all of these emotions while reading this book. The author may be a first time book seller but I see great things in the future for her. Please read this book you will not be disappointed.”


“Take the time to read this thought-provoking account. It’s only $1.50. You won’t regret it.”

-Amazon Customer

“A true tale, though short, that immerses you in the story.”


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