Review: A Rose For Jonathan

A Rose For Jonathan
A Rose For Jonathan by Beth Green

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Angels, The Power of Prayer and Organ Donation…..Interested?

When I first started reading A Rose for Jonathan, my thoughts immediately jumped to Frank Peretti. I love his books and the way Beth Green introduces angels in her novel is very similar to what I expect to see from the master-of-spiritual-warfare-christian-fiction Frankie P.

As I progressed in A Rose for Jonathan, Green maintained some Peretti flair, but, at the same time, she flowed into her own domain. This book is not only another fiction novel to add to your shelves. This book is a testimony that God is good. That God takes bad situations and uses them to reveal his gracious love.

I believe this story could be a salve for the soul to those who have lost someone dear to them. It communicates grief, regret, anger at God, and the good that can come out of choosing to donate your loved one’s organs. It shows that everyone is different and it takes time to heal from those wounds. Green uses the perspective of angels to show that God is here for the grieving, something I believe those in pain need to hold on to.

A quick side note, I couldn’t help but pick up on an overwhelming amount of imagery. For the purpose of avoiding spoilers in this review, I will not disclose details here. If you want to know my thoughts or have a book chat, feel free to contact me! I will say, however, that this realization pushed me from wavering between three and four stars to a strong four.

Why the wavering you ask? Ah, time for the constructive critiquing part of this review. Although this is a very well put together story, I got my hopes up when I made the connection to Frank Peretti. I expected more action than I received. I also think more could have been done with the demon named Bune. He kind of left me hanging.

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