Review: Defier: The Girl Who Stood

Defier: The Girl Who StoodMy rating: 4 of 5 stars

The Christian YA You’ve Been Looking For!

Defier wasn’t just hard to put down, it was painful. I wanted, nay, needed to know what happened before moving on with my life. If I were to take selfies of where I read Defier, they would include:

  • Sneaking a couple minutes before the class I teach.
  • The five minutes I had while my niece ran into the library.
  • The moment I walked in my house, before losing the shoes or getting a drink.

On the drive home I wished I had it in audio and almost asked my niece to read it to me… the only thing that stopped me was the cold hard truth that having her jump in 60% through the story would have ruined it for her. And I wanted her to enjoy it! Have the opportunity to start at the beginning and have all the #feels I did. Honestly, I was almost as attached to Defier as I was with Divergent and The Hunger Games. Whaaaa?

Some reviews talk about how the main character, Lennox, had so much faith. That she was so great. That’s not what pulled me in. That’s not what stood out to me. I fell in love with the impossible situation presented before her.

Just as Katniss couldn’t not in so many situations, Lennox couldn’t not either! It’s not that she was so brave, it’s that she physically couldn’t bring herself to do anything else. Doomed because of who she was and what she knew.


And yet, Defier doesn’t start with someone who has amazing faith; it starts with someone who has almost none. Someone who’s parents have been murdered… leaving her feeling lost and confused. But then, then, she meets God – has an experience that 100% guarantees he is real. This experience changes everything. Only now, an anti-Christian terrorist group is taking over. Again and again she is faced with horrible options. Her life would be so much easier if she denied her faith. Denying her faith might even allow her to finish her mission… Ultimately win the war. Many could reason that the end justifies the means. That surely God would understand. Right? 😉 But not Lennox. In those defining moments, her character is grown, her understanding of God’s worthiness, his righteousness, deepened.

Not only that, but Defier is based in Texas, in 2030 – They have some awesome futuristic gadgets, but at the same time, it seems so close to home. A terrorist group on U.S. Soil. An American underground church. Being forced to bow to a mere man or suffer the consequences. Does that not shake you to your core?

Defier is one I strongly recommend! Check it out. Stay up all night this weekend reading, it’ll be worth it!Tweet This

If you’ve read Defier, what did you think? Who was your favorite character and why?

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